Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2007 June Maintenance Log

Last Log Mileage: 94567

Current Mileage:

Cumulative Miles:0

01 JUNE 07 Did a very quick check on the valve clearances. Not much to do there since the noise seems to be coming from the end play in the rockers. Just a bother, not a problem. No performance issues related to rockers. Maybe in a few thousand miles.

10 JUNE 07 Brake Failure warning light coming on intermittently.

11 JUNE 07 Topped up brake fluid. Just a little low. Will have to monitor.

12 JUNE 07 Lost bid on Ebay for a set of rockers. Original gear, before the shim upgrade. Will have to continue to look. Perhaps I can snag a set of the newer ones from post 85. Had a nice test ride. Brakes are fine. Must keep on top of fluids.