Monday, September 3, 2007

03 SEP 07 Labor Day Weekend Mackay Is NWR NC

Last evening we attended a party in the neighborhood. They say that a promise made drunk is sacred. So it was that this morning 5 of us met for a ride. There was myself, Jim and his R850, Ian, Jim's neighbor and his H-D 1200, Todd and his "new" Honda VTX and the youngest member of the group, Adam and his Ninja. Pretty strange group, but short of Carson and his 919, that was every bike in our neighborhood.

30 AUG 07 95,000 Miles

First good milestone since owning.

2007 August Maintenance Log

Minor tweeks

2007 July Maintenance Log

July 15 Ordered and received a set of rockers and pushrods from an 81 RT. Funny though, I probably won't put them on. I spoke with the maintenance experts down at Adventure BMW in Chesapeake and was told that all I needed to do was to retorque the head and that the rocker assemblies 'float' on the head bolts. Sure enough...that made a big improvement.