Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wiring Chart for R100/7

I have finally removed the Vanguard fairing from the bike. It is a period piece made in England and frankly looks pretty good, all considered.

So in the process of removing it I made some notes on the wiring . Below is a chart explaining how the wiring harness was connected for the fairing. The middle image is a view of the wiring harness half that was connected to the bike's connector block in the headlight. It shows the connectors and the wiring color codes of the harness wires. On the right is the mirror image of the fairing connector, the female end that is attached to the fairing. It is a mirror image of the male end naturally. The fairing only has a few connections:
  1. Common to the light relay - acts as ground for light circuit (connector 2)
  2. High Beam (connector 1)
  3. Low Beam (connector 3)
  4. Turn signals (connector 5 Right and 8 Left)
  5. and a ground for the turn signals (connector 4)ow beam as well as the turn signals which need ground.
Finally, on the left is where the wiring harness on the bike side connects to the appropriate circuits on the wiring block in the headlight. These are color coded and also are associated with specific circuits.

So, the diagram below shows the headlight on the left (wiring block), male harness in the center (bike side) and female harness (fairing side) on the right.
The diagram below shows more detail and explains the wiring block in the headlight. If you read a wiring diagram in a Haynes manual, you understand the circuits, but that diagram is not "real world 100%. This diagram shows you what that connector block in the headlight looks like, what circuits are attached to what set of connections and finally where do I connect those wires from the bike side male wiring harness? That is easy, they are numbered as well as color coded.

Note that some of these blocks have unused terminals. They are shown as white. Now there is a white I colored it off-white in this diagram.

The fairing headlight is a sealed beam auto type. Okay, I'll work with that and try to figure out how to mount it in the headlight shell.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 December Maintenance Log

Must be the end of year..Santa is Here! Actually my wife. After much deliberation I realized it was time to face up to getting a new tire. Now I think I can ride over 30mph without white knuckles. I also ordered a Thunderchild diode board, mounting studs and fixed voltage regulator.

  • Pulled the front tire. (30min) Not too bad. Had to lightly drift out the axle as it was a long time since greasing. Dropped it off at Adventure BMW in Chesapeake, Virginia.
  • Removed fairing (2hrs) Only difficulty was documenting the wiring as I disconnected it and having to briefly disconnect the clutch cable. It had been routed inside of one of the fairing mounts.
  • Pulled the diode board

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