Saturday, January 5, 2008

Haste Makes Waste

I finally got things back together and have the headlight in the shell using my own approach. The headlight is a standard Halogen Sylvannia light for a car. It still has the ring from the fairing attached to it, but this is not going to work with the standard shell....what to do?

The ring fits inside the shell, but there is some space around it. Here's my idea. I bought some felt weatherstripping and placed a length of it around the outside of the headlight shell and secured it with electrical tape. that extended the edge of the shell with a flexible, soft felt ring. I did the same for the headlight and magically the two rings of felt nest inside each other "pretty good". I then wrapped the joint in more tape. Looks great, works fine.

Only problem was that when I was doing all this, I did not disconnect the headlight from its connector. I did not know it but one of the connections was pulled out and I did not know I did not have a headlight until I was all suited up and ready to ride this morning (30 F).

Well, I fixed it enough for the ride and bought a new $2.50 connector at PEP Boys. Another little project for another time.

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