Sunday, January 27, 2008

Installing the Thunderchild Voltage Regulator and Diode Board

My voltage regulator and diode board arrived. Also included were the little studs to mount the board to the engine case. Big improvement over the 30year old rubber ones. One was all but gone, another cracked through and the diode board was holding on for dear life by two rubber mounts and one of the grounding wires was about cut through from apparently being pinched by the case during a reassembly some time ago. See pic

Note that the old board was in 'pretty good' shape considering this is the original board, not the upgraded one done a couple of years later. Those are identified by a gray stripe across them.

It is VERY tight in the back of the case to get these studs in place. But Thunderchild has made a great work around. The bold shaft is cut for a metric Allen key..about a 4 mm. Bend one of your old keys at a 45 degree angle to be able to place it under the starter on the lower right stud.

Thread your washer and nut OVER the Allen key.

Place the stud through the case and then place the allen key in the stud allen key hole. Picture shows how the key with the nut and washer is placed in the allen key hole.

This allows you to BEGIN threading the washer and nut. DO NOT thread completely. Just get it started and pull out the Allen key. If you don't you end up with the allen key jammed against the starter. Just use is as a temproary holder so you don't drop the washer or nut.

Here is the allen key on the right Upper nut. The Right Lower is the hard to reach one.

Finally, placed a little hose material behind the voltage regulator as padding. What the heck.

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