Tuesday, May 1, 2007

01 MAY 07 - If One Is Good - Two Up Is Better

I've had the bike just over a week and it was time to stretch. First I let my son ride it around the block. He was impressed, but still it is hard to compare a 2006 Honda 919 and a 30 year old BMW R100/7. I guess in 30 years we'll see what bikes look like.

Now for the fun part. My wife donned my son's gear and hopped on the back of the BMW! We took a few trips around our street then ventured our a bit more into the neighborhood. You couldn't even tell she was there. The bike was beautifully balanced - even turned around in the width of the road without putting feet down. Not bad considering I haven't ridden a passenger on a bike since I was probably 18 and she hasn't been on a bike in 30 years.

At the end of our brief ride I decided that there is a simple distinction to be made Bikers ride Harley-Davidsons. Motorcyclists ride BMWs.

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