Sunday, May 13, 2007

13 MAY 07 Toe Warmers

A little cold today so it was great to have the fairing and the 'toe warmers'. The opposed cylinders on the BMW have always been a mixed blessing. There are the basis of the wonderful balance and low vibration for which the bike is famous. They are also two huge things sticking out of the side of the bike that naturally tend to be the first thing to hit the road in a slide. Then again, they also keep the frame from resting completely on the ground and may offer some advantages to keeping a riders legs from being pinned. Last but not least, as long as you live above the 43rd parallel, it is nice to have some warm air to keep the toes warm on a cool ride through the Black Forest on a crisp fall day. It is not so nice to feel your feet bake on a nice warm day at the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

Today I had my first rider-rider compliment while on the road. A fully dressed Gold Wing the size of an aircraft carrier pulled up and the rider complimented me on the nice old bike. Okay, that was nice, but I am really waiting to hear that from some young kid on a GSX-R. That will be even better. Hey, it could happen.

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