Friday, May 4, 2007

04 MAY 07 Bonding is a Poor Excuse For Fun

Went down to the local BMW dealership - Adventure BMW in Chesapeake Virginia and picked up some gear. Got to have a few things like a t-shirt and hat. Looked at the very nice new bikes and spoke a bit with the maintenance folks. Shared some thoughts on maintaining an old airhead and in general felt pretty good.

Picked up some things at Advance Auto for the bike. Any excuse to ride. Had a man complement me on the bike. He said he always liked BMWs, and that they were the only bike with a 300K miles club. That's nice to hear from a very unassuming looking individual. I mean really unassuming. Okay, he's in line with his son and they both look like extras from Deliverance, but hell, he probably spent the last 6 hours under his truck pulling the tranny and still had a moment to say something nice.

Had a great opportunity this afternoon to do a little riding. Went out with my son Carson. He has a very nice 2006 Honda 919 and we rode for about 10 miles around the area. The old R100 sounds pretty good at 55, better at 65 and well, Carson said he had me clocked about 70. Point made, the bike goes, and smooths out, really picking a groove at about 65. We call that bonding.

My neighbor and his son are on their way to Ashville NC this evening. Will likely pick up a 96 R1100R tomorrow and trailer it back. Next weekend should see some good riding.

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