Thursday, May 3, 2007

03 MAY 07 - It's a Movement

The old saying went something like this. If one person protests, it doesn't matter. If 10 people protest it's an event. If thousands of people do, it's a movement. The bug is spreading.

My friend's son Josh, who accompanied us on the trip to pick up the bike is now looking at a 1996 BMWR1100R. Not a bad choice for a young man. I mean, you can go out an get a GJCR (Generic Japanese Crotch Rocket) or you can make a statement. Why look like just another plastic encased 600cc back-cracker when you can have a bike that says it all in those three little words we love to hear: Bayerische Motoren Werke.

I like the R1100. You knew I was going to say that but the reason I like it is that it is essentially my R100/7 brought up another 20 years. Still the same basic layout with lots of innovation and improvements. The neighborhood might eventually have an exhibit of the Evolution of the Airhead.

My antique plate arrived yesterday in the mail. It looks great and sends a good message. Let's do some math. Which is the larger number: How many GJCRs are on the road in 30 years or how many former riders will need back surgery in 3o years?

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