Monday, May 21, 2007

20MAY07 - A Few Good Miles

After replacing the carb float bowl gaskets with I tore into the issue of the choke lever. After an hour of fiddling around and learning more than I wanted to about how the bike is assembled, it was out for a ride. A beautiful Sunday in the 80s. I had just started out when I saw my friend Jim in his driveway and we decided to take a short ride together.

If one BMW on the road looks good, 2 are better. Jim is 'borrowing' his son's bike, a beautiful 96 R1100R. One of the more serious things we want to do is some speedometer checks. It looks as though mine is indicating about 5-7 miles per hour under actual - assuming that Jim's is probably more accurate.

That evening it was over to our friends house with my wife Beth on the back. Great little ride, just about a mile through the neighborhoods. The look on our friends faces were priceless - and approving. Not only was it 'cool bike' but the husband immediately pointed out that it was a BMW. Nice to have a bike with a good reputation.

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